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You've stumbled upon iconmaniac! Your mod is me, Jinx. My personal icon journal, where I post every icon I make, is vinyldaiquiri. And here are the rules and regulations.

1// Don't steal icons. It's not nice. Besides, if you do, I will personally, on the bahalf of all icon artists everywhere, chase after you will a spoon. And then do mean things to you with said spoon. It's not that hard.
2// Along with not stealing the icons, please don't claim them as your own. That's just dumb.
3// Comment when you're taking them. And then please credit, unless the artist says that you don't need to. Please. I'm asking nicely.

So until recently, this has been about making icons about books, and movies, and tv shows. But I've changed my mind. It's more fun, and there's a lot less grey area. You no longer have to question if your icons are okay to post. I still encourage people to look at each others icon journals.

Requests. Ah, requests. These are up to the artists themselves. Personally, I do requests, but I can't say the same for everyone. It doesn't hurt to ask. If you want a certain person to do something for you, just ask them. They'll be nice. I promise.

Anything else you want to know? Icons are made with a slew of applications. Some use Paint Shop Pro, some use Adobe Photoshop, and I'm sure some use good old Paint. If you want to ask someone something, go ahead and ask. Ask about how they made it, what technique they used. Ask abot it!

These are the other artists banners, so that you can reach them. If you would like me to put your banner in here, send me the link or picture through email or a comment, or even on AIM. (Banners must be 88 x 31 pixels)

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